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The Sideman


Boy am I tired! The gear is all back in the house, all the guitars, amps and pedals are neatly stacked in the corner waiting for the next gig, and of course I’ll likely change the strings tomorrow afternoon. To say I’m ungrateful for the life I lead would be wrong. Truthfully I enjoy the actual playing of the music, but the load-in load-out, try to find a place still serving food at this hour sort of lifestyle is wearing thin. It’s 3:20AM as I’m sitting down to write this... 

The gig paid fairly well…

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DIY, why would you want to do that?

DIY Music? Who would want to do that?! 
Ok so in the past I have been scolded for making fun of “The Voice” and at times I have been rather coy when asked to be part of some sort of arts alliance or music association but I’m going to come clean here and lay out some thinking that I have had rolling around in my head for the last month... 

Radio Shank (RIP) had a rather cool ad that sadly did nothing to help keep them thriving in the business world but it talked about DIY or “DIT” which stood for “Do It…

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Periodic playlist for Spotify users!

So I thought that maybe I should kick in a playlist of music that I like and listen to often... So I'm picking my favorite Americana and traditional Country/Folk artists and sharing their music through playlists! It's the stuff I like to listen to and there's plenty I have plans to create in future volumes but for now here is volume one of
Caleb's Picks

Giant 96.5 Interview

Here's a quick cross posting from the radio interview with our friends over at Giant 96! Two songs and some discussion about music and the scene!  LISTEN HERE
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Dear Ryan Adams

Dear Ryan Adams 

I’m a big fan of yours, and your music has been a great source of inspiration to me over the years! Heartbreaker is one of my all time favorite records and Ashes And Fire has songs that I feel as though were written solely for me. My Wrecking Ball brings back a number of memories of driving my Honda around town late at night in the summer trying hard to avoid going home to my empty house every night... So many of your songs feel like a warm blanket and a cup of tea on an otherwise cold and…

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For years now it's never made sense to have New Years in January... Fall has always been the new year for me, and it wasn't until around 2011 that I learned that the Jewish calendar actually places the new year in the fall! There's something ever so peaceful about watching the leaves change from green to shades of gold and red, and the joyful sound of birds on the great migration southbound.

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So it's been a crazy summer and I haven't updated too much online other than getting in an occasional debate among friends or sharing a few thoughts on Twitter and now it's time to give up a little news, but first... A story!

three years ago in the spring of 2013 I asked the girl of my dreams to marry me. She of course found this singer songwriter from Indiana charming and said yes. What came next was a crazy summer and action packed fall that had me selling off unused gear and re-homing furniture I no…Read more

Guy Clark Remembered

I woke up on May 17th to the news that Guy Clark had passed away. It was truly a sad day, while I had never met Guy, and I wasn't even lucky enough to catch him live I've had a connection to his music for a number of years now...

In 2008 I recall sitting around another such fire in central Florida late in the evening with a belly full of authentic Texas food cooked by an old raw boned cowboy wearing a wide brimmed hat, run down boots with traditional jeans and since it was hot out his Long Johns served as…Read more

Nick Jonas and making mistakes performing live.

So Nick Jonas caught a bunch of heat for a muffed guitar solo live at an award show...

And as you can see he kind of had a mishap there! But he shook it off and went and did his job. Now I applaud him for actually attempting to play the guitar live unlike many pop stars these days... And to be honest I myself can't bend strings on an electric guitar very well, partly due to the condition of my wrist these days and partly due to my heavy handed playing style as an acoustic musician. That said I think Nick…

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Rest, rewind and recharge.

So I'm writing this post after working some seriously hard days and nights of brutal back breaking work. It's been a great season down here in Naples and I'm happy to have had all the work... But I'm pretty excited to be off work for a few days to regroup, recharge and get back to long neglected interests like cooking and art. In fact tomorrow I may well go out and use my camera again for the first time in a while! My ambition tonight to even really get into playing music has been shortened by my lack of…

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